Cybersecurity Services

Using a winning combination of world-class people, processes, and technology.

We offer clients cybersecurity services that assist them in achieving both their business goals and their cyber security objectives. We customise our services based on each client's unique access, knowledge, and other influencing factors. Our services prioritise vulnerabilities using expert analysis and provide better value for the money.

Our team's passion for cyber security aims to create a safe and secure environment for businesses to operate in.

Network Security Assessment

In order to systematically identify and assess cybersecurity flaws and network security gaps, one of our services involves reviewing an organization's network infrastructure .Our team uses a thorough methodology that involves identifying and analyzing any vulnerabilities, classifying their seriousness in accordance with the risk to your business, and suggesting the best solutions.

Wireless Security Assessment

Our wireless security assessment service carefully examines any vulnerabilities or improper configurations found in your wireless network infrastructure and provides you with the best advice on how to fix them. We use realistic attack simulations to find and fix design or configuration problems in the company's wireless network.

Security Awareness Training

The best way for an organisation to defend against psychological attacks is to educate its employees, act responsibly, and make employees aware of such security scenarios and the risks involved. In order to assess employees' awareness, we developed a number of attack scenarios that closely resemble real social engineering attacks.

Malware Analysis & Threat Research

Our team can perform independent research on phishing campaigns, malware, and APT groups. Our in-house researchers conduct a comprehensive analysis of cyber threats in order to create detection strategies, malware signatures, file analysis, and memory forensics.

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